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Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe - 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about an unprecedented transformation in business ecosystems around the globe, and Europe is no exception. The region, in particular, has been proactively adapting to the new changes and formulating new methods of conducting business for ensuring unhindered operations in the future. Organisations are rapidly re-evaluating their business strategies and goals to streamline them with current scenarios and helping them to achieve that are leadership development and training companies in Europe.

Considering that great leaderships are indispensable resources of any company and significantly contribute to its growth, leadership development and training providers enable their clients to foster a collaborative work environment that mentors the new employees while effectively enhancing the productivity of the current workforce. These companies assist businesses in investing time and resources in training their top executives to ensure they are equipped with the right skill sets. Additionally, these companies help organisations in Europe to design and execute business strategies that align their goals with their employee’s career objectives, strengthening their commitment to their employers.

To help organisations and leaders select the best vendors, Manage HR’s editorial board has reviewed and shortlisted a handful of Leadership Development Training and Coaching providers that are empowering Europe’s business ecosystem to enhance the competence of their executives. These vendors are industry experts who offer innovative and effective leadership development services and help their clients adapt quickly to the latest trends within the global business community.

We present to you Manage HR’s “Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe - 2021”

    Top Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe

  • David J Anderson School of Management has developed new training material, intellectual property, and innovative training solutions tailored to fit classroom training and executive workshop training. The company’s wide range of training services includes different levels of training to improve companies’ agility; tailored workshops to solve companies’ specific problems; mentoring and private consultations – to help trainers, consultants, coaches with their unique cases; and leadership training. The company’s new leadership development training offer is powered by the competitive advantage of the experience accumulated with the years of working with change initiatives

  • EQuita Group is a consultancy providing business training, commercial negotiation and mediation services for executive leadership development needs of organizations across the globe. With real-world workplace scenarios, business case studies, and psychometry tests, EQuita equips business managers and leaders with enhanced decision-making, influence mentoring and negotiation skills. EQuita's ASPIRE and ASCEND programs help business leaders to develop different leadership styles, while ACTIVATE trains middle management in leadership and people skills. EQuita’s PACE program fosters better technical understanding and teamwork within the organization, and helps develop holistic business leadership style

  • Grooa is a cutting-edge business consultancy specialising in innovation leadership through diversity of ideas. Grooa is deploying its state-of-the-art proprietary methodology: The C.L.E.A.R. Mindset™ Model, to redesign the internal processes of various organisations while providing the necessary collaborative leadership training. In addition, Grooa also supports the required cultural transformation across the organisation with personalised experiential training, which can also be organised at the Grooa Inspiria Learning Center, a retreat venue in nature. Alongside, the company has also created LIS WOMAN, a network for international businesswomen at C-suite or board level to help them leave a greater impact on the global business landscape. The program offers peer-to-peer mentoring, inspirational webinars, vertical leadership development training, and loads of other informal opportunities to grow within the membership



    ADVENTURE for THOUGHT coach, train and consult in the field of human and organizational management. The company is focused on people and results, creating and delivering its programs and services with passion, in any language, in any place in the world. ADVENTURE for THOUGHT has extensive experience in supporting international and local companies in taking on new challenges in human resources development

  • Ambits


    Ambits centers on pragmatically guiding client's transition to an effective leader by way of business mentoring. Ambits reinforce managers in their leadership via the guidance of business mentors with expertise and all the scars of learning to create an immediate and sustainable impact

  • Be Leadership

    Be Leadership

    Be Leadership is a modern leadership company that develops social leaders to help create a more beautiful world. Effective social leaders understand the value of social impact and have the skills and behaviours needed to thrive in a modern work environment. Be Leadership develop social leaders who give back to society and their organisations to support better outcomes in both

  • bossert associates

    bossert associates

    Bossert Associates is a team of experienced, passionate, skilled and approachable individuals who have come together to build one of the top leadership and executive coaching firms in Europe. With its wide network of Associates, the company strives to be at the top of the game. Bossert Associates work incessantly to integrate long honored leadership principles, modern leadership and organizational developments, extensive reseach, and philosophical thought into a consistent and unique leadership approach for its clients

  • Corporate DNA Consulting

    Corporate DNA Consulting

    Corporate DNA Consulting is a global leadership firm since 2007 with offices in London and Singapore. The company delivers across 32 countries and 15 industries. With its global team of 102 practitioners across 16 nationalities, the company uses its proprietary 4H methodology of Head-Heart-Hunch-Hands© to deliver exceptional value, each time, every time to translate Board and CEO intent into action

  • imc


    Founded as a German university spin-off at Saarland University, imc provides holistic support to more than 1,200 companies, public and educational institutions from all sectors and of all sizes in the planning and implementation of digital training strategies. While imc is rooted Germany, it is a global company through and through, counting more than 300 employees worldwide. More than seven million users around the world successfully master their individual professional challenges every day thanks to our solutions

  • Thinking Heads

    Thinking Heads

    Thinking Heads is a consulting firm that specializes in reputation and leadership. The company designs and implements customized programs to enhance the influence of individuals by harnessing the power of their ideas. Established in 2003 as a speakers bureau representing globally renowned figures, Thinking Heads evolved into a consulting firm, becoming a pioneer in the field of personal positioning

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