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Top 10 Leadership Development Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

Investing in just employee training and education rarely improves organisational performance. The failure of training as a change strategy stems from several factors, including ineffective educational methods and corporate environment that undermine the implementation of training concepts. Another issue is that numerous training programs, particularly those focused on leadership development, do not emphasise the right skills. The majority of leadership training today still relies on concepts established more than a century earlier. While this type of specialised training can be beneficial, it won’t help leaders succeed and thrive in the current complex, collaborative environment. To that end, in identifying and evaluating leadership training programs, organisational development (OD) and HR professionals must look for options that address the horizontal nature of modern organisations. Successfully leading teams without control demands both a shift in mindset and the attendant skills to support this paradigm. Effective leadership depends upon mutual partnership instead of authority, and the required skills—which focus on relationship management and collaboration—reflect this fundamental change.

Adopting a positive outlook helps people see potential opportunities, even in unprecedented situations. Modern leaders need to excel at building partnerships— win-win relationships between empowered adults—in which both parties are equals. Shifting to a partnership removes resentment and engages both parties in finding the best possible solution for the business.

Even the most skilled individuals do not have all the answers. Consequently, leadership training needs to reflect the fundamental shift from command-and-control to facilitation. Successful leaders should apply the full talents of the team to the task at hand by engaging each member in the co-creation process. Team leaders guide group members through structured collaboration to determine the best possible decisions to solve problems, create plans, and produce deliverables through consensus. The mutable modern world calls for leaders who can design and harness the power of high-performing teams. As a result, OD and HR professionals have an unprecedented opportunity to effect long-lasting, widespread change with programs that teach leaders to maximise team performance through facilitated collaboration.

Highlighting these new developments in the business landscape, Manage HR has compiled a list of leading leadership development solution providers in Europe. The enlisted organisations are transforming the business-related processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Manage HR’s “Top 10 Leadership Development Solution Providers in Europe – 2020.”

    Top Leadership Development Solution Companies in Europe

  • aergon supports organisations in transforming their culture through various strategies and programs that allow them to be better equipped, more aware, and more aligned in what they aspire to do. Every company has a culture, the questions that needs to be addressed is: “Is this culture really understood, does it support the (new) strategic agenda and the needs of a more rapidly changing competitive landscape?”. aergon enables transformation by changing an existing set of behaviours/culture into a more supportive and aligned culture from an inside-out (psychological) perspective by irrevocably changing the mind-sets of the leadership and employees to help them make better choices

  • CoachHub empowers enterprises with a talent development platform for the entire workforce. The company creates personalised, measurable, and scalable coaching programs for its clients that allows them to increase employee engagement and improve overall job performances. Niebelschütz and his team work towards triggering a behavioural change within a client’s employees and leaders by means of an intuitive application available on both computers and smartphones. Through the app, clients can schedule online video sessions with highly certified business coaches and further improve their training experience leveraging CoachHub’s extensive micro-learning library. CoachHub is a turnkey solution using AI technology to find and compatibly match the best business coaches with a client organisation’s leaders for optimal results

  • DierkeHouben Leadership Partners is a premier leadership coaching and development boutique for C-suite leaders that helps grow Conscious Leaders. One of the primary reasons why DierkeHouben is a cut above the rest in the leadership realm today is because of its unique operational approach. In times when most of their industry peers opt for pureplay digital learning solutions, Dr. Dierke and Dr. Houben believe that a blended model is most effective and sustainable. The unique blended model comprises three core building blocks: (1) in-depth face-to-face learning module(s) in a small group setting, followed by (2) a three-month proprietary high-intensity digital learning programme, and (3) individual coaching (onsite and offsite)

  • LiDRS is passionate and driven to help create better leaders with the company’s trainings and seminars, designed to suit the consumers’ needs

  • Swiss Connect Academy combines high quality pedagogy with blended learning in order to deliver a seamless and social learning experience. SCA course designers and trainers are experts in their fields and have in depth pedagogical expertise. The learning experience gets enhanced by making use of the latest in technology with a proprietary learning platform that was developed in-house. SCA is very strong in delivering mobile learning, microlearning, and bite-sized learning also in combination with face-to-face training. As a flexible training institute, SCA delivers customized solutions that meet any clients’ wishes

  • We are on a mission to unite the best of consultants, science, and technology to inspire and support people and organisations and help them to add value, and to unfold their authenticity and full potential.We provide profound insights in personal, cultural, organisational and strategy dynamics and how it relates to purpose and the desire and ability to create value.Every day we support the identification of individual and organisational dynamics, present or required, to stay relevant. We help to develop sustainable organisations, detect talent and leaders of tomorrow.We create awareness of the value that is created and the unused potential that is present within organisations.We help to create awareness about personal, organisational, structural, cultural, and strategy dynamics present within an organisation



    Focuses on long-term transformation programs of authentic leadership

  • Coaching to Empower

    Coaching to Empower

    Offers one on one life/personal coaching, career development coaching and leadership development coaching

  • Dan Norenberg

    Dan Norenberg

    Improves leadership performance and organization results through Executive Ownershift®, his transformational growth process for executive teams

  • Resilience Institute Europe

    Resilience Institute Europe

    Enables body, heart, mind and spirit through consultancy, training, coaching and assessments

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