Added-Value of HR Tomorrow

To boost the future of our business and teams, it has become clear that the role of HR will be both in terms of a variety of subjects related to the digital up-skilling by becoming HR data analytics masters (hard skills), and also in terms of behaviors as coach and facilitators for teams or employees (soft skills). HR needs to be “Human first” based, and priorities should mainly revolve around talent acquisition & retention, customization of HR services, the support of the collective performance, and the guard of the corporate purpose and company culture.

The added-value of HR tomorrow will therefore come from HR disruption by technologies as well as the ability to keep the human touch. Moreover, the HR operating model of the future will be both on-demand and self-service, crafted but also augmented and ultimately automatized. It will go from coaching-on the job or HR freelancing to predictive analytics Payroll or AI tools, to the automatized 24/7 HR Chatbot, Company life app, HR Service portal...

HRMS should aim at placing people at the heart of the organization and integrate employee, manager, and HR transformation

Beauty Tech Company and Our Human Adventure

For us at L’Oréal, becoming the champion of Beauty Tech means putting technology and data at the center of our know-how and our business models. It is, therefore, also a great human adventure as this transformation involves the integration and acquisition of new skills, the development of cutting-edge expertise, and the creation of new professions or new opportunities for our employees. On the one hand, it’s not only the transformation of the offer we propose to our consumers, but it’s also about transforming into a smart company: transform & augment our ways of working, innovating, producing thanks to data and new tech. The HR challenges are, therefore, enormous!

Digital Experience is the New Workplace

How do we maintain connection? We should meet employees in their workspace of choice (Mobile, Teams, Facebook..), teach and reskill in the flow of work, deliver targeted and personalized communications. How to modernize relationships? By investing in one intelligent and personalized “digital employee headquarters”, increasing use of productivity tools for organizational alignment and mobility. And how to support productivity? We need to combine service centers under digital HQ to give employees one place to go, convert policies and documents to electronic document management, among others.

HR Management Systems are the Fuel of Our People Vision: ONE HR

In most companies, current HR systems have existed since many years ago, and these tailor-made solutions were great improvements; however, they are no longer adapted to current and future challenges. They are complex, HR-centric, focused mainly on transactional activities and, in many cases, made up of disparate tools. All of this leads to different ways of working across different teams and geographies. Data is heterogeneous, and access is complex. So it’s time for new HR platforms to lay the foundations to support the company’s People vision, using the latest technology. That’s how ONE HR was born at L’Oréal: a new simple and unique eco-system with integrated applications that globally unify and align ways of working. Its core mission is to enable the HR transformation and be driven by simplification, combining a great user experience and a universal unified HR technology—an HR management system that integrates employee, manager, and HR transformation.

Thus, this is much more than technology. It aims at placing people at the heart of the organization by supporting and developing our greatest asset: L’Oréal employees. It should reinvent all the people activities, and the benefits are multifaceted:

• Give employees ownership on their development: retention & engagement, self-development, quick and qualitative onboarding, frequent alignment with Managers;

• Support Managers to run business at speed and scale thanks to data: HR as Business Partner with data agility, workforce decisions on reliable data, KPI and dashboards to monitor activity and make fact-based recommendations;

• Augment HR capability through harmonized, efficient, and integrated activities: user experience, HR enablement, time saving in HR tasks, common ways of working, digitalize the HR function;

• Move to a worldwide unified Cloud Technology: less maintenance, apps rationalization, and fewer interfaces.

ONE HR will enable our beauty tech and people vision and improve employee, manager, and HR experience. It’s about creating a cutting-edge platform that integrates HR functions and making the user experience simpler for employees, managers, and HR by all of them using the same platform (single place to go).

For employees, we can imagine a totally different employee experience powered by such a platform, in which with transparency and trust, there is always access to information, and employees would be able to give and receive feedback, browse for learning modules, seek and apply for internal job opportunities, manage and engage their teams and enjoy many more actions—all in one streamlined platform.

I am convinced that companies can win if digital is integrated in the right way and if we understand that digital transformation first and foremost is people transformation. With Human-first and the right-high-tech, we will accompany companies into the Future.