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Top 5 Leadership Development Solution Companies In UK - 2020

As competition in the market increases, leaders at every level within organizations are pressured to do more with less. For a long time, leadership development has been following a cookie-cutter approach where managers are trained through a one and done format and then sent into the world. Now, organizations across the globe are reinventing their approach to leadership development in order to thrive in the competitive and resource-strapped market. In the current business world, organizations are looking for digitally savvy leaders who are flexible, strategic, data-driven and diligent.

To be relevant in the upcoming years, leadership development executives need to embrace transformations in every area of training and education. Companies need to pay attention to sustaining the knowledge of its leaders in the long-term. By combining technology and the web, leaders will be able to obtain the right information and drive change effectively.

In this decade of evolution, companies are in need of leaders who actively engage their people. As this realization hits organizations, there will be a major shift in leadership development and coaching will be a standard part of every manager’s experience. To this end, companies are leveraging AI-powered coach bots and hyper-personalized nudges. AI will also offer leaders with highly personalized content based on the manager’s personality, competencies and objectives. As companies and leadership teams race to be at the forefront of competition, this edition of Manage HR features some of the best leadership solution providers in Europe to help them in their journey.

We present to you Manage HR’s, “Top 5 Leadership Development Solution Providers in UK-2020.”

    Top Leadership Development Solution Companies In UK

  • A leadership development firm that turns the traditional training programmes on their head. Ivy House offers tailored programmes for clients looking to create a tribe of skilled change-makers within their organisation according to niche business needs. And Ivy House doesn’t stop at preparing young professionals for their jobs and lives; the company brings the same offering to students in schools, which, according to Elke, is a crucial time to develop these essential life and leadership skills. Developed by a team of leading executive coaches in partnership with forward-thinking teachers, the Ivy House Award paves the way for schools to deliver meaningful character development programmes with expert content, tools, and necessary learning support

  • Arcadia Alive

    Arcadia Alive

    Offers bespoke programmes covering Change Management, Culture Change, Behavioural Safety, Optimising Human Factors, Implementation, and Project Management

  • Laws of Attraction

    Laws of Attraction

    A management consultancy that specialises in psychological insight and research projects that help us to deliver brand and HR strategies, training programmes and transformation



    Focused on empowering dynamic and modern organisations, leaders, high-performers, career changers, entrepreneurs, graduates and millennials

  • The Lina Group

    The Lina Group

    Provides tailor-made solutions to develop your people and your teams to deliver powerful performance

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